Welcome to Above The Clouds, where our passion for premium cannabis experiences takes flight. Founded by the seasoned connoisseur Mikey and the dynamic professional boxer and entrepreneur De'von Abraham, our journey began from a simple desire to elevate the smoking experience.

Mikey, with over a decade in the cannabis industry, became renowned for his exceptional joint-rolling skills, offering an experience that was more than just smoking - it was an adventure above the clouds. De'von, with his impressive background in professional boxing, brought a unique perspective to the table, sharing Mikey's vision for a superior cannabis experience.

Together, they launched Above The Clouds, a brand that stands for more than just high-quality cannabis products. It's a symbol of excellence, innovation, and a commitment to an extraordinary customer experience. Our product line, featuring the Devo TKO, LOWKIN, and DEVO TKO Multi Pack, embodies our ethos of quality and enjoyment. 

- ATCJointCO

our core           


Excellence with each hand-rolled joint, crafted from the finest flowers by our experts. Every puff promises an unmatched journey above the clouds.


Above the Clouds is a commitment to extraordinary cannabis experiences, enriching lives and fostering community with each premium product.


Our brand is built on quality, inclusivity, and joy, dedicated to elevating every encounter for connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike.